Menno Wildeboer

Mobile Technologist & User Experience Designer. For fun, profit and making the world a cooler place.

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Skills I love to brag about

As a Programmer and Interaction Designer I aim for the best user experiences and high quality code. For me, it's not about just coding. I love bringing ideas to concrete products, whether I need to do hardcore coding or user research.

iOS Development

I develop for iPhone and iPad. I craft user interaces by hand, use the latest APIs from iOS 7. I want to build beautiful, smooth, apps with attention to details.


I build stuff for the Web. I use the Mobile First approach embracing new technologies to make development a breeze and results better than ever. Currently I'm on a quest to become a Ruby on Rails king.

UX Design

Coding is awesome, but all that matters are users that love your product. From wireframes to user journey apps. I aim for the best experiences. For humans, by a humble human.


I love games since my fourth. Games for HTML 5 and iOS is what I do. I also love do gamification concepts and implementation.

Clients I worked with

Though I'm mostly interested in bringing interesting and potential ideas to life. I worked with the following clients in the past.